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The value of renewal without losing the essence
Vidal Grup is a family business founded in the 19th century. The company was born with Petronilla Casanovas. Badalona, was at that time a small fishermen town and she saw the opportunity to open a hat and raincoat shop. And so she did, settling in Calle Piedad, 15.

The store did well and years later, his daughter, Madrona Gombau took the reins of the business. With Madrona in chargue, they decided it was time for a big change and began selling ready-made clothes; it was the beginning of the fashion store as we know it today.

After a few years, Madrona Gombau marries Xavier Vidal and together they open more stores and move the headquarters to Calle del Mar de Badalona, ​​where today we find the offices of the Group and the Selecta Vidal store.

It is with the current direction that great growth takes place. More stores are opened throughout the territory, business lines are diversified and a trend is marked with stores for children, women and men. At the same time, different world reference brands rely on Vidal Grup to be the ones who run their concept stores throughout the country.

vidal grup badalona
Vidal Grup has 27 stores, more than 150 professionals in its ranks and an annual turnover of 20M, this places it among the top 10 textile retail groups in the country.

Own stores confer identity to the Group. Vidal Home, Selecta Vidal ... Vidal is synonymous with a sense of fashion and exquisite service. Our customers have a real and different experience when they enter any Vidal store.

Franchise stores: Internationally renowned brands have chosen Vidal Grup to give them their confidence for the management of their concept stores in the country. Jack and Jones, DC Shoes ... Vidal Grup brings the most exquisite service to world reference brands.

All the departments of the group are focused on following the same guideline: listen to the client and know what we can offer to make him feel unique. All our professionals are committed to achieving excellence in this purpose day after day.

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